Vivian and Rubina’s chemistry works wonders for Shakti

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August 21, 2016
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Vivian and Rubina’s chemistry works wonders for Shakti

Colors channel has come up with a bold concept to grab the TRP and audience appreciation. Shakti brings the story of Soumya and her journey of life, being rejected by her own father and grandmother because of her transgender defects. The show is very well accepted by the audience and the credit for the superb portrayal of Soumya goes to Rubina Dalaik. The show brings the trauma and humiliation faced by Soumya, and her good luck when she gets true love.

The show started with a young girl Soumya. She never gets love by her father Maninder, who always discriminated her for small issues. In her childhood, she gets confused seeing her father’s weird behavior towards her. At the same time, Maninder loves his second daughter very much. The show is very well depicting transgender’s life which goes through many phases. Maninder even tries to kill Soumya by giving poison, so that outsiders should not get to know about her truth that she is a Kinner as it will bring only shame to the family.

Soumya’s mother Nimmi always protects her daughter from the hands of Maninder as he wants to give Soumya to transgender woman Saya. Maninder and Saya thinks Soumya is not the normal girl, she should go back to the transgender people. Saya confronts Nimmi to give Soumya to her. Saya is sure Soumya’s future husband would kick Soumya out of the house when he knows the truth. Saya also promises that if Soumya will stay at her husband’s house for 21 days, she will not ask her to leave the house and come along with her.

The story progress with Soumya’s marriage to Harman. Harman loves her very much and calls her gulaboo by love. Soumya too loves Harman and does not wish to cheat him. She confesses her bitter truth to Harman who gets shocked and asks why did she marry him if she can’t give him love. He gets shattered to know that she is a Kinner. Harman recalls all the memories with Soumya, while Soumya cuts her wrist to end the life as she doesn’t want to live a Kinner’s life. Harman feels helpless seeing Soumya in such a state and thinks he still loves Soumya irrespective of her transgender’s truth. On the other hand, doctors at the hospital treat Soumya and tell that blood is needed for her recovery. Maninder, being a father refuses to give blood to her daughter. At last Harman and his father pressurize him to move ahead to give blood and save Soumya‘s life. Soumya gets fine and comes back home. Harman apologizes to her and expresses his feelings to her that he still loves her which brings Soumya’s happiness back.

The show is first of its kind on Colors channel which deals with the enterprising concept of transgender. This show gives a social message that one is not inferior to other by their gender, color and caste. Also, a person gets motivated if his partner accepts him with all the defects or shortcomings. Hoping to see this kind of shows on other channels too as they are strongly giving a message to the society that all humans have a right to receive equal respect. Vivian Dsena and Rubina Dilaik are doing a wonderful work and rocking the show by much needed intense chemistry.

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