Viewers missing out Thapki and Bihaan’s romance

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September 9, 2016
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September 11, 2016

Viewers missing out Thapki and Bihaan’s romance

Dhruv was desperate to marry Thapki and created a lot of troubles to stop Bihaan and Thapki’s marriage. Later, Dhruv realizes his wrong doings and apologizes to Bihaan and Thapki. Bihaan and Thapki got married with the blessings of all the family members. But, unfortunately, the viewers get disappointed as the show suddenly moves on with another track leaving behind Bihaan and Thapki’s sweet moments after their happy marriage. A new family comes to Pandey house as the second owner. A lady named Kosi reveals that Bihaan is her Son. Kosi keeps on saying a story that Vasundhara and Balwinder have killed Bihaan’s father and takes Bihaan from her. Bihaan gets shocked. Vasundhara asks Bihaan to understand that his father got killed by mistake. On hearing the truth, Bihaan feels Pandey family has betrayed him and starts hating everyone.

Kosi has no affection or love for Bihaan. She has come with a hidden motive and wants to take Bihaan along with her. Thapki is trying hard to make Bihaan realize that Balwinder and Vasundhara love him as their own child. The whole Pandey family is very sad as Bihaan is leaving the house to stay with his real parents. Kosi asks Bihaan to come with her, but Bihaan refuses to go and says his dad has made this house. Bihaan asks Pandey family to leave, but Thapki informs Bihaan that they will not leave the house as Balwinder is also the owner of the house.
Thapki heard Kosi and Naman’s conversation and gets to know that Kosi has come to take Bihaan for some reason. Thapki thinks to find out the the truth and stops Bihaan from breaking his ties with Pandey family.

On the other hand, Bihaan did a graha Pravesh Puja for Naman and Kosi. They get glad seeing Bihaan completely in their control. Bihaan replaces the Pandey Nivas name board with Jaiswal Nivas name board which shatters Balwinder and Vasundhara. Thapki is constantly keeping an eye on Kosi’s activities to know some clue, but Kosi is a sharp woman trying to create misunderstanding between Bihaan and Thapki. Shraddha gets attracted to Naman’s son Janardhan (John) who comes to meet Bihaan. Bihaan faints in the Puja by eating prasad, in which Kosi added medicine. Kosi takes Bihaan to the hospital to know about Bihaan’s medical history. Kosi has come to Panday Nivaas to take Bihaan’s Kidney. John’s both kidneys got failed and in order to save his life, a kidney transplantation is needed. Kosi gets to know that Bihaan is having only one kidney, still she wants to snatch the kidney from Bihaan at the cost of his death.

Dadi hears all the conversations of Naman and Kosi and their intensions to take Bihaan along with them. Kosi kidnaps Dadi and writes a letter on Dadi’s behalf that she is going on a char dhaam yatra as she was feeling restless to stay at home. Naman keeps Dadi tied at the house backyard. Naman calls Kosi and asks her to take Bihaan to the hospital as everything is ready for kidney transplantation. Kosi asks Bihaan to come along for purchasing a saree. Kosi and Bihaan reach the saree shop. Naman comes there and Kosi starts her acting and faints. Bihaan gets worried and takes her to the hospital.

At the hospital, doctor is ready for Bihaan’s kidney transplantation to John. Just then, Kosi sees Thapki coming and takes Bihaan to Doctor’s clinic. On their way to the hospital, Kosi again adds some powder in the water and asks Bihaan to drink. Bihaan faints after drinking the water. John is unaware of Kosi and Naman’s evil deeds and thinks someone is generously giving his kidney to save his life. Bihaan gets saved again and Kosi rushes him towards home. Kosi thinks John has very less time left and hatches a plan to kill Thapki, but fails in executing her plan. Just hope that this track ends soon, and viewers get to see Thapki and Bihaan’s romance.

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