Vatsal Sheth’s character creates quite a buzz

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Vatsal Sheth’s character creates quite a buzz

Life Ok’s recent release Baazigar has got in news because of the mystery around Vatsal’s character. The actor plays the role of Aarav Trivedi. He is called a perfectionist, but seems to have some hidden suffering in his heart regarding his father’s second marriage. Aarav is doubtful of relationships and this makes him decide such shocking things which none expected from him. Aarav chooses a simple and lovely girl Arundhati. He becomes her shadow and showers so much love on her that she gets struck by his love. Arundhati feels Aarav madly loves her as his actions prove that to him. Aarav lives life king size and romances in his grand style which just becomes a news byte every day.

Aarav’s visit to temple with his girlfriend Arundhati gets in news. Also, when he makes a temple for Arundhati and tags her as his Devi. Aarav’s immense love is sighted by everyone. Aarav’s parents believe he is changing by Arundhati’s love. His family was aware of Aarav’s misbehavior and Casanova image. Even though they were hoping that Aarav’s madness will get down. Aarav’s character is just extreme, mad and carefree. He always has a backup plan to create troubles for his father.

Aarav has no emotions for his father, stepmother, name sake family and his lover Arundhati. Aarav is a man who makes his own choice, and gets on hurting others. Aarav’s multi-hued nature is liked by the viewers. Vatsal’s fans does not want to see more of him in negative character. Fortunately, Aarav’s character will not be negative, but will have many shades to it. There will be goodness inside his heart which gets suppressed by his anger and sorrow.


Aarav and Arundhati’s marriage becomes big news. All the marriage functions are completed. Aarav surprises Arundhati by switching off half of the city’s power to show the lighting I love you. Arundhati gets very sure of his love seeing his inclination towards her. When the marriage day arrives, there are many bad signs happening with Arundhati. She still goes ahead and dresses up as the bride. After doing prayers, she reaches the mandap. Aarav gets his own baraat all alone and dances like a mad guy. Arundhati gets puzzled seeing his behavior. Aarav then does the marriage cremation rituals and breaks off the marriage with Arundhati. This just shatters Arundhati and her family. Arundhati’s dreams and heart break. Aarav walks off in style and accuses Arundhati to be responsible for her destruction. Arundhati gets depressed and tries to figure out the reason for this bad happening. Aarav seemed to be perfect life partner for her.

Meanwhile, Aarav’s father Kailash meets Arundhati and apologizes to her, with a promise that she will become his bahu. Arundhati gets a hope again. Kailash promises to mend Aarav and make him marry Arundhati at any cost. Vatsal’s character of Aarav is bit similar to his character Shaurya Goenka in Ek Haseeni Thi, wherein he was a Casanova and disrespected women. Though Shaurya had lots of negative shades, Aarav is just grey, which will soon develop into a positive role by Arundhati’s efforts. Aarav’s very unique character is catching interest soon and made the show run well since its start. Vatsal is great as Aarav and catches all the nuances of a weirdo romantic with ease. We are eager to see Arundhati’s love transforming Aarav into a better person.

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