Urvashi’s commendable TV debut in Zee’s weekend hit Amma

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July 9, 2016
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Urvashi’s commendable TV debut in Zee’s weekend hit Amma

Zee TV has got a new weekend story of a strong mother Amma. Amma is one such inspirational mother who has become a mother for millions of people. She is given the tag of a Godmother after the victorious bold fight of her life. The story shows the tough journey of Zeenat. She is a vulnerable mother, who tries to fight with her own struggles after her husband leaves her during the 1947 partition. That turns out to be a dangerous phase in her life. Zeenat was eyed by an evil inspector, who pressurizes her to marry him to survive. Zeenat was seen as a weak and helpless woman before. After she realizes her inner strength, she becomes a great example for every woman. Zeenat is tagged as Amma by everyone after she rises to a high position of power. But, she does not let her self esteem suffer in the struggle of her survival.

The show takes you back to pre independence era. Zeenat and her friend Sarla reach the British office to protest. The British officer gets the photograph of the protestors at night. Zeenat and the neighboring women leave the place and did not know they will get caught. The photograph gets printed in newspapers next day. Zeenat’s husband Abbas is troubled by Zeenat’s protests for freedom. Zeenat stands against all the hurdles in her path and is a fighter. Zeenat hides her protests from Abbas and sneaks into the house pretending to be present all the time. Abbas later gets to know Zeenat’s doings and does not accept the fact heartily.


Zeenat was staying peacefully with her husband, two children and inlaws. Zeenat and Abbas had good life, but Abbas decides to leave Zeenat finding her not suitable to be his wife. Abbas tells Zeenat that she can get freedom by protests, but not peace. Abbas takes away their son and leaves their daughter with Zeenat. Zeenat shatters after Abbas deserts her. Abbas’ parents kick Zeenat out of the house and grab her house. She goes to stay with her sister, but faces problems. Zeenat prays for support. She gets saved by goons by Lord’s miracle. Later, destiny gets her at a kinner Mahboob’s house. Mahboob breaks the good news to Zeenat, that she is pregnant. Zeenat tells her hardships to Mahboob. Zeenat then begins a new life.

The story presents a perfect mother, a caring and loving woman who has been serving human kind selflessly. Zeenat becomes a Godmother with her leadership skills. She manages to survive in the city amidst selfish and evil people, local dons and many popping troubles. Zeenat fights all odds to progress in her life. Zeenat fights for other’s rights and freedom.

It brings a morale that when person loses courage and has two options, to either get back again or sink in the pain, the person should always brace up and not tolerate any pain. Zeenat also chose to revolt and emerged as Amma. She attains a status in the world dominated by threatening men. She still does not let her emotional, loving and caring side of a mother fade down. Zeenat has sensibility, homemaking and problem solving skills, and also negotiation abilities to use in worst tricky situations. Actress Urvashi Sharma is playing the role of Zeenat. Zeenat’s character is very strong and impressive. Amma has gripping concept definitely. This finite show has become a successful weekend runner on Zee. Let’s hope it maintains good TRP and interest of the viewers till the end.

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