Tere Bin takes an interesting love triangle turn

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September 6, 2016
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Tere Bin takes an interesting love triangle turn

And TV’s Tere Bin is really appealing the audience with its simple and clear concept. The story is all about three youngsters, their love, pain and sacrifice. Nandini and Akshay are medical students and love each other and want to get married. But, Akshay marries Vijaya and leaves Nandini in a shattered state. The show then took a leap of eight years with Vijaya and Akshay running a Thakur Nursing home. Vijaya has a daughter Neeti from her ex- boyfriend Nilesh who gets killed in an accident. Akshay considers Neeti as his own daughter and loves her very much. Akshay still loves Nandini and has not moved on with Vijaya in their marital life. Vijaya loves Akshay for his humble nature, but Akshay maintains a gap between them.

One day, Akshay’s past Nandini has come infront of Akshay which makes him shocked. Akshay starts reminisces their old romantic moments and cries. On the other hand, Nandini meets Vijaya and Neeti and thinks Akshay has a child with Vijaya and gets shattered. Nandini humiliates Akshay for all his fake promises and asks him to be away from her. Nandini too have a boyfriend Irfan and they share the same flat. Irfan loves Nandini, but Nandini is in dilemma to move ahead with their relation as she still unable to cope up with the past.

Akshay feels heart broken by Nandini’s taunts. Nandini meets Neeti at an ice cream parlor and they shared a good rapport with each other. Nandini teaches a tune to Neeti which she learned from Akshay. When Neeti sings the same tune at home, Akshay understands that Nandini has taught Neeti and she still loves him. Vijaya is quite busy in managing the hospital as well as her sister Abhaya and brother-in-law Ratan’s relation. Ratan is cheap man who always tries to exploit relations with inlaws. Ratan needs a hospital cafeteria contract, but Vijaya refuses seeing his bad behavior and actions. Later, Akshay calls Abhaya and gives her the Cafeteria responsibilities. Akshay asks her not to involve Ratan in cafeteria matters. Vijaya gets impressed with Akshay as he helped her sister.

Akshay’s parents came to Mumbai to meet Neeti, but Akshay and Naani are not interested to send Neeti with them. Vijaya asks Naani to forget the past. Naani is not ready to forgive them as they broke their relationship with Akshay, when he decides to marry Vijaya. Eight years back, Akshay’s parents were very happy with Nandini and Akshay’s alliance, but did not want Vijaya to be their bahu for her past deeds. After seeing Nandini after the gap of eight years, love stuck again and Akshay wants to bring Nandini in his life.

Akshay goes to meet Nandini at her flat, but gets shocked seeing Irfan with her. Nandini shouts and asks him not to bother them. Akshay leaves from there while reminiscing their old moments and faints on the road. Vijaya attends Akshay at the hospital and gets shocked on hearing Nandini’s name in an unconscious state. Nandini rushes to see Akshay and feels guilty for her scoldings. Nandini thinks they have to forget their past and move on in life.

Akshay is very happy to meet Nandini and thinks he has to stabilize the broken relationship. Akshay starts secret meetings with Nandini and lies to Vijaya that he was busy in other appointments. Vijaya gets to know that Akshay lies to her regarding his appointments, but she doesn’t know anything about Nandini and their past.

Nandini asks Akshay to divorce Vijaya and marry her. Akshay gets shocked and asks her to know the reason of his marriage with Vijaya. He tells the truth about Vijaya and Nilesh, and Neeti is Nilesh’s daughter. Nandini cries for misunderstanding Akshay and hugs him. Akshay and family have gone to Delhi, to meet his parents, but Nandini insists to come with him. The story is going to be interesting currently. Hope to see the same tendency in upcoming tracks.

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