Suman and Shravan’s love twists entertain viewers

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August 31, 2016
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Suman and Shravan’s love twists entertain viewers

Sony’s Ek Duje Ke Vaste is one of the favorite shows winning young viewers. It is a story of young and independent girl Suman and rich guy Sharavan. They are childhood friends, but gradually complications started in their relationship by the misunderstanding created by Shravan’s father Ramnath. The story progresses with continuous fights between the two. Shravan gets jealous seeing Suman and Aditya together. Suman and Shravan started liking each other, but have not yet revealed their feelings to each other.

Suman’s tiffin centre gets closed. Shravan offers to return Tiffin centre, but she rejects the proposal. Later, Aditya helps to get back her Tiffin centre and gets it reopened.
Shravan stays with his father Ramnath, and hates his mother Nirmala. When Shravan gets to know that Aditya is Nirmala’s son, Shravan gets shocked and is unable to control his anger and jealousy seeing growing friendship between Suman and Aditya. Suman is very happy at tiffin centre calling all the suppliers to send respective materials.

But to her shock, Shravan angrily comes and shouts at her saying she has always cheated him and today she has lost her best friend. He keeps on shouting saying he was a puppet in her hands for all those years, but not anymore. He asks her why did she accepts tiffin centre from Aditya, as earlier he too offers to return tiffin centre, but that time she was adamant to refuse for his help. Suman wants to explain the situation, but Shravan refuse to hear anything from her.

Suman’s Nanaji health deteriorates and gets a heart attack. Nanaji wants to see Suman’s marriage before his death. On the other hand, Aditya shows Suman’s picture to Nirmala and expresses his desire to marry her. Nirmala gets happy seeing Suman’s pic. Nirmala visits Nanaji in a hospital and asks for Suman and Aditya alliance. Nanaji gets happy and fixes Suman’s marriage with Aditya. Suman agrees for the marriage for Nanaji’s happiness. Shravan gets shattered and starts drinking. They are not keen to clear their differences and always try to show that they are very happy without each other.

On the other hand, Kamini is not happy with Aditya’s and Suman marriage. Kamini desires her son Pushkar to be the next owner of Ramnath businesses and properties. Ramnath does not like Suman, thinking she wants to gets benefitted from this truth. Kamini knows Shravan has a special place for Suman in his heart. She wants to unite Suman and Shravan thereby making a big tiff between father and son. Aditya is unaware of Shravan’s and Suman hidden love and special bonding. Aditya feels awkward as Shravan always comes in between them and asks Shravan to stay away from Suman as they are going to get married. The marriage celebrations have started in full swing but Suman still reminisces her past good memories with Sharvan and cries. At a mehendi function, Aditya insists to design his name alphabet on Suman’s hands, which irks Shravan.

In the upcoming track, Aditya tries to know Shravan and Suman’s truth and gets disheartened in knowing Suman loves Shravan. Aditya loves Suman, but wants to sacrifice his love for Suman’s happiness. Aditya makes a plan to bring Suman and Shravan closer and sort out the differences. Aditya tries to get intimate with Suman, while Shravan rescues her and beats Aditya. Suman breaks her marriage with Aditya and thinks to move on in life with tiffin centre. Kamini is also planning to reunite Shravan and Suman to take her revenge from Ramnath and Nirmala. The show is going on with an impressive track.

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