Suhani Si Ek Ladki dips in TRPs by much dragging track

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August 22, 2016
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Suhani Si Ek Ladki dips in TRPs by much dragging track

Suhani Si Ek Ladki is one of the most liked and top shows of Star Plus. But recently with many unnecessary twist and new entries, the show fails to reach the high TRP’s. The viewers always considered the story for being straight forward with sensible twist and surprise, so that it can bring much drama with practicality. The show is losing its charm to win the heart of the audience now.

The story was going strong till Suhani and Yuvraj cleared their differences after the gap of 7 years and decided to get married again. But with Yuvraj’s kidnapping on his marriage day, Suhani’s desperation to marry now or never attitude at the mandap with Sambhav made the show worthless to watch. Suhani marries Sambhav, who is a big liar and criminal minded person. Sambhav always tries to hurt Yuvraj by getting closer to Suhani. On the other hand, Suhani clearly expresses to Sambhav that they got married for Yuvaan’s sake, but they can’t keep husband and wife’s relations. This annoys Sambhav and he starts hurting Suhani to win her.

Dadi’s lookalike sister kidnaps Dadi and is living with Dadi’s identity in Birla Family. She makes a false accident story and tells everyone that she got spinal cord damage in an accident. Meanwhile, Dadi is kept in a dark room and Dadi’s twin sister meets her regularly to give her updates of her lies, conspiracies and bad tactics. She wants to exploit Dadi’s reputation in the eyes of her family members, so that she can fulfill her revenge. Sambhav and Fake Dadi are the partners in crime. Sambhav knows the truth and join hands with the fake Dadi to make Yuvraaj far away from Suhani’s life.

Fake Dadi plans to hurt Bhavna by bringing bomb in a salt sprinkle jar at the house. Bhavna was supposed to shake the jar, but Suhani manages to stop her in the nick of time. Suhani throws the jar outside the window and the blast happens. Everyone panics seeing the blast and thinks who is the person behind the bomb planting and why Bhavna became the target.

On the Teej function, Sambhav tries to come close to Suhani and gives injects an apple. He asks Suhani to open her fast with an apple. Suhani had a little piece of apple and gets dizzy. Sambhav comes near to Suhani when she falls asleep. Suhani wakes up and scolds him to stay in his limits. Sambhav starts acting and apologizes to her. Once again, Suhani becomes the house detective and tries to find out the culprit. She gets the clue that Dadi has ordered the bomb parcel. Suhani thinks something wrong is happening in the house and she has to find out the truth. The drug side effects starts on Suhani, but Suhani still follows fake Dadi in the jungle, but fake Dadi sees her. She hits Suhani on her head with a stick and makes her fall unconscious.

Yuvraj is also trying hard to know the truth and takes the finger prints from the stick and asks the inspector to investigate the matter well. Fake Dadi makes Birla family to hate Chandrakala. She is settling personal scores. The show is keeping up suspense, interest and drama buildup. We hope the show sustains the TRPs and keep its good run.

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