Star Plus gets new show Naamkarann from Bhatt’s camp

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Star Plus gets new show Naamkarann from Bhatt’s camp

Star Plus’s new show Naamkarann is from Mahesh Bhatt’s Productions. The concept is touted to be really close to Mahesh’s heart. It is believed that the story starts after the point at which Mahesh’s movie Zakhm ended. The show brings a sweet emotional tale of a child Avni. She is daughter of a Hindu father and Muslim mother. Avni is not aware to the inter religion truth. Ashish and Asha are Avni’s proud parents, who could not make Avni proud of her birth. Avni gets into a fight with a neighborhood girl Kia, who jokes of Avni’s father to be Mr. India, who is not visible to the society.

Avni notices everything about Ashish and Asha. She realizes Asha shuts the windows when Ashish is going to come home, how Ashish parks his car away from home so that he does not get sighted by society, Ashish and Asha meet secretively, Ashish not appearing as her father whenever needed in her school’s PTMs, mum and dad does not stay under one roof, where dad does not live with family day and night. Avni is very much hurt that her family is not a normal one. She raises a question on why she does not have a normal family.

Avni calls Ashish at home, and asks him the same question. Ashish gets stunned and speechless to answer his daughter. Asha is expecting her second child. Ashish fears that his next child will also ask them about their secret relation. He worries thinking what could they answer their children. Asha comforts Ashish to lessen his worries. Ashish is a famous film director and has recently won an award. He is working on his next film and has to leave for Kashmira for shoot. Avni asks him to attend her sports day event. She tells him that she is participating in the school race.

Ashish fulfills Avni’s every wish, but this time Avni asks for Ashish’s time and presence. Ashish promises to attend the sports day and also declare to everyone that he is Avni’s father. Avni gets very joyful and bets with Kia. Avni has little fear in heart that she could lose the bet. Ashish tells Asha that he would soon tell his ailing mother about their relationship. Ashish did not marry Asha by his mother’s fear, and just maintained a husband and wife’s relation, which developed by their immense love. He believes Asha is his soul mate and thanks her for all her patience since last eleven years. Asha has been waiting for getting accepted by Ashish’s mother Dayavanti. Ashish fails to talk to Dayavanti about Asha.

On the other hand, Dayavanti is indebted to Hemant Bhai for all his favors in converting their lives. She regards Hemant a Devpurush. Hemant is suffering from brain tumor. Dayavanti and Ashish meet Hemant at the hospital. Hemant’s daughter Neela is in love with Ashish. Hemant wishes for Ashish and Neela’s alliance. Ashish gets silent and does not answer. Dayavanti gets happy by the alliance and gives her approval. She declares Ashish and Neela’s wedding. Ashish gets in big dilemma, as Neela and Asha are on either sides of his life. The show has a strong subject, presented in a simple way.

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