Sab TV holds more surprises for comic lovers

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September 16, 2016

Sab TV holds more surprises for comic lovers

Sab TV is a popular channel for mostly Comedy shows, though it also presents drama and science fiction series. Some are the famous comedy shows of Sab TV are Chidiya Ghar, Saheb Biwi Aur Boss, FIR, Tarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashma and Office Office.

Currently, three comedy shows are winning the hearts of the audience are Chidiya Ghar, Gupp Chupp and Dr. Madhumati on Duty. All the shows are contradictory to each other as Gupp Chupp is a Silent Comedy, Chidiya Ghar depicts the story of a family having names and characteristics of some animals, and Dr Madhumati On Duty is a romantic hospital love story in a comic way.

Chidiya Ghar is one of the oldest shows of Sab TV. It was launched in 2011 and still going strong irrespective of many new entries have come in to grab the attention of the viewers. Chidiya Ghar is basically the name of the house of Chidiya Narayan. The story revolves around his sons, daughter-in-laws and grand children. Each character has name which resembles to Animals like Ghotak, Koyal, Menduk, Maina, Gadha, Naagin and many more. The characters finely portray the characteristics of the respective animal. The character of Gadha portrays as senseless as the real Donkey. It is really funny and hilarious to see this show as the actors are superb in their acting skills.

Initially, Dr. Bhanumati On Duty was launched with actress Kavita Kaushik. The show ran for few weeks, but after the exit of Kavita Kaushik, the show’s creative team has chosen Debina Bonnerjee to play the role , besides changing the show name to Dr. Madhumati On Duty. Dr. Madhumati On Duty is a hilarious comedy of doctors at Jug Jug Jio hospital. Dr Madhumati is a strict disciplinarian while Dr. Mohan is a care free guy who tries to win everyone’s heart. Dr Mohan loves Dr. Madhumati, but she does not believe in love. The show brings much humor to their characters, there by entertaining the audience. Vipul Roy of Saheb Biwi Aur Boss fame plays the role of Dr. Mohan. Dr. Mohan and Dr. Madhumati characters are conflicting to each other, but they successfully treat the patients with their innovative approach. The show will bids adieu to its viewers as it is going off air on 30 September 2016.

Gupp Chupp is a silent comedy airing on weekends started in August. The show revolves around Kohli’s and Singh’s families. Kohli’s main business is Cake shop and Singh’s main business is Mithai shop. The families stay separately, but have their respective shops in the same area. Singh family invites customer to their shop to taste their Mithai so that they can end up in purchasing one or more Mithai and not visit the rival family Cake shop. Also, Kohli’s uses the same tactics to attract the customer.

The audience likes the silent comedy with hate and war with the other family. One family always tries to sideline the other family in a hilarious manner. The families corrupt the customers to come forward to their shops, eventually create a non-stop rift and laughter. The cast include Samiksha Bhatnagar, Naveen Bawa, Monica Castelino and Saanand Verma. Sab TV has always brought such shows that are clean and family oriented. The channel always gives preference to good concept that will surely entertain the audience. Sab TV’s Latest new show “Icchapyaari Naagin” is coming to rule the small screen with its smart, new and comic concept on weekdays from 27 September 2016. The story is of a Naagin falling in love with a guy when she is in human form. These kind of stories definitely attracts the audience attention particularly the teenaged generation.

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