Ridhima shines out playing Rajni’s diverse avatars

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August 9, 2016
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Ridhima shines out playing Rajni’s diverse avatars

Life Ok’s Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant is a delightful entertainer undoubtedly. While the SAB tv shows are out and out comedy, Life Ok has also attempted well by getting two major comedy genre fiction shows, May I Come In Madam and Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant. SAB tv shows have given a great scope and opportunity to all the budding artists, while Life Ok has taken few known faces to add some glamour quotient to match fame criteria before launching the two shows.

Nevertheless, Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant is one of the finest robotic comedy. Such concept was seen in American shows before. Rajni is the super robot created by the scientist Shaan. He is a nerd and always immersed in his research lab. Shaan loves his lab and then his creation Rajni. Shaan wanted his robot to help humanity, but Rajni eventually turned up as his own life’s support. Rajni saved many people by her robotic skills. Now, she is more seen in managing Shaan’s family and his love life.

When Shaan’s family was on the verge of breaking up, his brothers Gyaan and Dhyaan were asking for property shares. Rajni has no emotions fed in her, but even then the robot has more sensibility and feelings for Shaan’s parents. Rajni did not let their family break and fed up some of her good sense in Shaan’s family’s minds. Rajni then showed her super bahu avatar. Rajni has united the family and also won Shaan’s mother Surili’s heart. Rajni was accepted by family happily, even when Rajni is very much different from everyone. They did not get a doubt that she is a robot.

Rajni’s death sequence was also a laugh riot. Rajni’s battery was not charged, and everyone assumed non-responsive Rajni to be dead. The family mourned and even arranged everything for Rajni’s final rites. When Rajni got up suddenly, entire family was surprised and scared of that moment.

Later, Shaan’s ex girlfriend Samaira comes back in his life. Shaan was very much in love with her and was depressed by Samaira’s departure from his life. Samaira’s re-entry brought happiness back in Shaan’s life. Rajni also wished Shaan to get his real happiness, and turned into an evil vamp to make family accept Samaira as Shaan’s life partner. Rajni switching to vamp mode was more hilarious than earlier tracks. Rajni’s sweet and cute doings are much enjoyed by the viewers. Rajni’s style, talk, behavior and stiff expressions make show a good watch.

Samaira’s truth to be negative was learnt by Rajni, when she has seen Samaira damaging things in Shaan’s lab. Rajni realizes Samaira is not good for Shaan and exposes her infront of Shaan and family. Shaan does not believe Rajni, as he is madly in love with Samaira. Family then backs up Rajni and asks her to make Samaira leave from Shaan’s life. Rajni then shows her wifey avatar and dances to woo Shaan. Every avatar of Rajni is too fabulous. Rajni is really an adorable robot. Ridhima Pandit plays the role of Rajni. Ridhima is doing a commendable job, and we hope to see more of Rajni’s avatars in upcoming tracks.

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