Ravi Dubey proves out his versatility by another character in Jamai Raja

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Ravi Dubey proves out his versatility by another character in Jamai Raja

Zee TV’s popular show Jamai Raja has come up with season 3. The show has brought new faces with the old concept to entertain the audience with their remarkable performance. With a new generation, the show took a leap of another 20 years. The earlier two seasons won the hearts of viewers with Achint Kaur, Ravi Dubey and Nia Sharma’s fabulous heart rendering acts and mind blowing emotional scenes. Season 2 has ended with Roshni giving birth to a baby boy. Sid and everyone are very happy. Neil and Ria are also expecting with their first child. Sid has named his son as Karanveer and asks Neil and Ria to name their daughter as Mahi.

Later, Payal comes out from the jail and asks Gaffur to kill Siddharth and Roshni. Roshni and Sid plan to go back to London to stay with Raj and Simran. On their way to airport, Gaffur hits the car with the big truck. Everyone gets critically injured. Gangu Tai lost her son Satya. Sid and Roshni cry seeing their state and ask Gangu Tai to handover Karanveer to his grandparents. But, Gangu Tai decides to keep Karanveer with her and thinks he is Satya for her.
Currently, the show is focusing on the younger generation after the death of Siddharth and Roshni. Season 3 started with the handsome Karanveer/ Satya staying with Gangu Tai in her chawl along with his siblings. Karan always dreams big and wants to become rich and successful. He speaks in a tapori style, but aims high and wishes to live a lavish life.

On the other hand, Mahi is shown as considering Payal as her mother. Mahi loves Payal and has a blind belief that Payal also loves her a lot. Naina, Neil’s mother asks Mahi to identify Payal real intentions. But, Mahi is reluctant to listen anything. Payal’s daughter Koel and son Shom are spoil brats. They never respect their mother and always go against her wishes. Koel does not like Mahi, humiliates her and asks not to interfere in her life. Payal wants to occupy all the property of Mahi and hence shows a false love to her. She makes Mahi a puppet of her hands. Mahi would get the property when she turns the age of 21. On the other hand, Payal is interested to purchase the chawl land. She goes to Gangu Tai’s home to talk to them regarding redevelopment of land. Gangu Tai recognizes her as Payal, but Payal fails to see Satya’s face.

Satya, Mahi and Koel are regularly meeting at the dance class. Satya gets to know that Koel is a rich girl and plans to trap her in love, so that they can get married and he can fulfill dreams to become rich. Satya presents himself as a rich guy. Koel is really impressed with him and starts liking him. But, Mahi has clearly understood that Satya is not rich and trying to get close to Koel only for money. Mahi warns Koel that Satya is a liar and poor guy. Koel misunderstood Mahi and drops her at an isolated place, to go on a date with Satya.

When Satya gets to know that Mahi is stranded at secluded place, he reaches there to rescue Mahi from the goons. Mahi again gets a doubt on Satya as he hides stolen necklace in Mahi’s purse. Koel has invited Satya to her birthday party and Mahi thinks to expose Satya infront of everyone. It’s really interesting to watch Ravi Dubey in tapori style. Ravi has constantly showed his acting talent in this show by playing many characters and taking many avatars in last two seasons. Getting in Satya’s tapori character just proves the actor’s versatility. The show is doing quite well with much twists and turns, there by grabbing the continuous attention of the audience.

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