Raja and Rani’s dazzling marriage relieves their fans

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September 7, 2016
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Raja and Rani’s dazzling marriage relieves their fans

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani has finally got the leads Raja and Rani married. There can’t be anything better for the viewers than to see their marriage. The fans are always willing to see the leads’ union. Even if the leads don’t get romantically united and have misunderstandings between them, the fans want the leads to at least marry and secure their minds with peace. It is not liked that leads face separation and get stuck in wrong marriage. That is even more painful for the fans, who get dedicated towards a particular show and actors.

Coming to the actors, even they rejoice when they get to have happy moments and less action in their lives. Though the marriage scene shoot would get tiring for them, but the end pays off well. The viewers were happy to see Raja and Rani’s grand marriage. The scene was shot beautifully and had all the grandeur according to the show’s theme. Floral decorations and lavish wedding theme just added double fun to watch the epic marriage of Season 2’s Raja-Rani.

Raja has gone through many difficult times. Falling in love with Rani was not planned by Raja, and turned out to create many chaos in the palace. Rani has stayed calm when Raja has troubled her and wanted to take revenge from her, being mistaken about their childhood. Raja did not know the entire truth and ignorantly created problems for Rani. Meanwhile, Raja and Rani got extra lovers Bindu and Jeevan, whom they met in college. Bindu madly loves Raja, and played enough tricks to win Raja. Even Jeevan turned psycho lover and was wishing to get Rani anyhow. Bindu and Jeevan failed in their attempts.

A good wave from the makers solved all the problems between Raja and Rani, and made way for their union. Raja’s misunderstandings about Rani gets cleared. Raja then confesses his love to Rani, after realizing her true feelings. Raja starts valuing Rani more than his life. Raja proposes Rani for marriage, to which she happily agrees. The show has seen a rise in the TRPs by the marriage track. The viewers did not expect Zee tv show to get marriage track so soon, but always wanted the cute couple to unite soon.

No marriage in the serials is done without any big shocking twist, which waits to peep out on right time and destroy the happiness. Same thing happens with Raja, who was very happy to get Rani in his life. Raja gets to know a dark truth of his father being responsible to kill Rani’s parents. Kaal and Badi Rani Maa planned to get Rana Indravardhan and Rani Gayatri killed. Raja gets to know this truth right when he was going to sit in mandap with Rani.

The shocking revelation makes him furious. Raja decides to reveal the truth to Rani, rather than keeping such truth hidden. Kaal fills Raja’s mind with fear of losing Rani. This makes Raja hide the truth and marry Rani. But, Raja goes in guilt to hide such important truth of Rani’s parents’ death. Raja finds right chances to explain the truth to Rani, but fails. He keeps himself away from Rani, thinking to first present everything before Rani and then take their relation ahead. Raja and Rani’s love story and marriage went on well till now. Let’s see if their romance gets a take off soon.

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