New entries and troubles lined in Thapki Pyaar Ki

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New entries and troubles lined in Thapki Pyaar Ki

Thapki has gone through many ups and downs in her life. The previous track of Dhruv’s character getting negative didn’t get well with the audience. Vasundhara wants to rectify her mistake and shoots Dhruv to rescue Thapki from his clutches. But Bihaan saves Dhruv in the nick of time and gets shot. Dhruv realises his mistake and asks everyone to forgive him. Dhruv requests Bihaan to fills sindoor in Thapki’smaang and makes her forever. Dhruv feels guilty for hurting Bihaan and Thapki and leaves the house for repentance. Recently, the show has taken a leap of two months and Thapki is seen managing the house hold activities. Vasundhara has left the house and staying in an Ashram. Dhruv’s channel is getting a low TRP by Dhruv’s absence.

Thapki has got a new challenge to win over as Dhruv channel and home, which are at stake.
Some unknown persons are keeping their bad eye on Dhruv’ s channel. The man comes to Thapki and expresses his desire to purchase the channel. Thapki gets to know that the man is planning to demolish the building and refuses to sell the channel. Thapki thinks the channel has to continue, it always bring truth to the viewers despite Dhruv’s absence.

Thapki and Bau ji want Bihaan to manage the channel in Dhruv’s absence. Bihaan gets hesitant and says he is not that much literate to run the channel. Thapki motivates him and asks to bring the truth or real stories for the viewers. The staff tells Bauji that the viewers are not watching the shows and the TRP’s are very low. Bauji suggests to take interview of a influential personality so that they can raise the channels TRP. Bauji calls politician Mr. Radheshyam, who is a friend of Bauji for an interview and asks Thapki to take interview.

On the other hand,a lady called Kosi has entered the Pandey Nivaas as the owner. This is a new and tough challenge Thapki has to face. Thapki and other family gets shocked seeing new name plate of Jaiswal Nivaas. The new character Kosi seems to be strong and powerful enough to distract the peace and sleep of everyone at Pandey Nivaas. When they confront her, Kosi spits on their family pic and threatens them with dire consequences.

Bihaan calls the lawyer and asks him to check the papers. Lawyer says papers are genuine, Kosi is also the owner of the house. Inspector asks them to stay with each other with peace, else leave the house. Kosi and Naman are creating more troubles for Thapki and Pandey family. Bauji gets stunned seeing Kos. Kosi has come to take back everything. It is assumed that Bauji knows Kosi, and she is related to Bauji’s past and has come with a hidden motive to teach him a lesson or to settle the scores. On the other hand, Bihaan is surprised that Bauji is not saying anything to the outsiders while Bauji thinks Kosi’s truth should not be out, else it will be a big problem.

Koki understands Thapki can do anything for her family, and thinks she can be a major turndown for her plans. Kosi thinks to do something with Thapki so that she can execute her plan very well.
Thapki will once again proves her capabilities in bringing out the truth and safeguarding the family from their clutches and bringing back Dhruv’s channel’s reputation on track. The show is definitely going to bring more drama and suspense.

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