New characters double up fun and drama in And Tv’s Santoshi Maa

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August 31, 2016
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September 1, 2016

New characters double up fun and drama in And Tv’s Santoshi Maa

There has been much going on in And Tv’s Santoshi Maa. The entertainment got high after the dramatic entry of Archana Taide. The role of Sinduri looked boring and unnecessary in the beginning. With the show track going ahead, Sinduri’s character opened up with many twists and mysteries. Sinduri fell in love with Dhairya, after she entered the Mishra house unknowingly. Sinduri has carried Santoshi’s soul, when Devis have requested Yamraj to protect Santoshi’s soul from reaching untimely death. Pratap has killed his first wife Gargi Devi, and Sinduri is the witness of the crime. Pratap has tried to even kill Sinduri. Sinduri warns Pratap and blackmails him. Sinduri wants to marry Dhairya and is very adamant. There has been much drama around fake and real Santoshi’s identities. The soul swapping track was much entertaining and the makers have put detailing to bring sensibility in it.

The Devlok scenes showed how Santoshi’s soul was kept protected in other’s body and the need for doing that. The show did not bring any weird track till now and is going the right way. Devlok got two new entries of Soni Singh and Aryan Vaid. Soni plays NaagKul princess Swarnrekha, while Aryan plays her love interest Devraj Indra. Soni’s character is negative and would be taking Devi Paulmi’s place to trouble Santoshi Maa’s devotees. Swarnrekha falls in love with Indra and transforms him into a bird to always keep him under her control. Swarnrekha gets exposed by Santoshi Maa and holds enmity for the latter.

Brahmadev punishes Swarnrekha to serve Gaumata for some time. Swarnrekha serves the punishment and has got back with revenge motives. Indra still loves Swarnrekha and stands by her, despite knowing her truth. Swarnrekha takes advantage of his love again. She arranges a poison from her Naagkul. Swarnrekha’s poisonous trick makes all the Devis lose their powers gradually. Swarnrekha plans to weaken all Devs and Devis positions and dominate the Devlok.

Meanwhile, Santoshi’s life is also facing ups and downs. When Santoshi was fearing to lose Dhairya and walked on wrong path to cheat him to get his love, Santoshi Maa abandoned her devotee for a while. Santoshi realized her mistake and is now believing on her devotional power again. Dhairya was angry with Santoshi for lying to him, but he got together with Santoshi to bring out Sinduri’s truth. Sinduri regains her memory, but still acts to be Dhairya’s lover. Pratap’s son Ankur’s entry happened recently. Ankur is hunting for his mum’s murderer and meets Pratap in Mishra house. Ankur does not know Pratap has killed Gargi. He hates Pratap for abandoning Gargi and him.

Dhairya and Santoshi trick Sinduri and Ankur with love and sympathy to know the big secret they both are hiding. Dhairya romances with Sinduri to know Gargi’s murderer. Ankur confides with Santoshi about Pratap. Santoshi finds hard to believe Pratap’s truth to be Ankur’s father. Sinduri plays a dirty track and frames Ankur and Santoshi in prostitution scam. Santoshi’s respect and Mishra family’s name gets spoiled. Santoshi prays to Santoshi Maa for help. Santoshi Maa realizes the powers getting low and could not see Santoshi’s difficult state. The new entries are working in the show’s favor, and all of the characters put together make a great drama.

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