Nazim and Devoleena back together in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

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August 27, 2016
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Nazim and Devoleena back together in Saath Nibhana Saathiya

Star Plus’ Saath Nibhana Saathiya seems to have all the focus on the main lead Gopi, than shifting track to her children’s lives. Gopi is still the show stopper and much in limelight. Recently, it was very shocking to see Mohammed Nazim leaving the show for some reasons. Khalid Siddiqui was roped in to play Gopi’s new love interest. Becoming a widow in middle age was not easy for Gopi, but then she got a tough task when her mother in law Kokila wanted her to remarry and lead a normal life. Kokila could not see Gopi in white clothes and wanted to make Gopi bahu a bride again.

While Meera was totally against Gopi’s remarriage, Kokila started looking for prospective grooms and binged on Dr. Krishna. Krishna was treating Gopi medically to bring her out of Ahem’s death shock and depression. Krishna looked a humble and good virtued man, but later as the TRPs did not get a high with Krishna remaining good, Krishna’s character turned negative. Krishna’s family background was brought in picture. Krishna is Ahem’s girlfriend Mansi’s brother, who hates Ahem and Gopi. After Ahem’s death, Krishna targets to ruin Gopi’s life to take revenge for snatching Mansi’s love Ahem. Krishna’s negativity brought the show back in top five.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya is now bringing a new life partner for Gopi. Mohammed Nazim is returning to the show as Jaggi, Ahem’s lookalike. He is a pure hearted man, who is facing financial distress. He sees Gopi in trouble and turns her savior. Currently, Gopi is tortured by Krishna, Mansi and their mother Pramila. The trio is making Gopi mad and abusing her a lot. Gopi is admitted in mental hospital and given electric shocks. Gopi’s state turns fragile. Kokila and Urmila try hard to reach Gopi and take her home, but Krishna does not allow then by faking news of Gopi’s bad mental state and Gopi requiring immediate treatment.

Kokila prays to her Kanha ji yet another time to send someone who can solve Gopi’s troubles. This time, Kokila’s prayers get answered in Janmashtami, when Jaggi makes a Kanha entry to break the Dahi haandi. Nazim’s entry raised the show TRPs again. Viewers love to see Nazim and Devoleena’s chemistry. Ahem-Gopi is one such famous couple of Star Plus who have become a household name by now. Viewers got a pleasant surprise with Nazim’s entry.

In the show ahead, viewers will see how Krishna hires some hospital staff to kill Gopi. The ward boys take Gopi to strangulate her. Gopi gets tied up and hanged to death. Gopi struggles and loses breath. Just then, Jaggi will be entering the hospital scene to save Gopi, without having any relation with her. Jaggi’s humanity and respect for women gets depicted. Jaggi then has a action scene with Krishna’s hired men. Jaggi decides to take Gopi to her house. Ahem’s lookalike will be entering Ahem’s house. More interesting thing is Gopi assumes Jaggi as Ahem, as she has absorbed lots of electric shocks and lost sensibility. Kokila requests Jaggi to take Ahem’s avatar and claim rights on his wife Gopi, just to save Gopi from Krishna. Jaggi agrees to play Ahem’s role in their lives for the sake of monetary help from Kokila. Nevertheless, this track definitely got Nazim and Devoleena back together, turning the show back in good form.

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