Love is in the air for Oberoi brothers

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August 23, 2016
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Love is in the air for Oberoi brothers

Star Plus’ Ishqbaaz has been getting high voltage family drama and romance recently. A major event of Raksha Bandhan has taken place in Oberoi house. Strangely, both the leads Shivay and Anika get troubled by their Bua. Shivay’s Bua Roop has been evil game player. Even Anika’s Bua was shown negative since the beginning of the show. Anika’s Bua troubles Anika and Sahil, and sells their house to Shivay for grabbing a big amount. She has now turned positive and wants to reconcile with Anika and Sahil. Sahil does not believe Bua and injures him angrily. Anika does Bua’s aid and is in dilemma to give her another chance or not. Anika heads to Oberoi mansion for Raksha bandhan function, wherein Roop is planning to make an re-entry.

Roop plays a cheap trick again and traps Omkara in a fake case of smuggling. She plants some antiques in Omkara’s exhibition so that Omkara gets arrested, and family gets a shock. Roop was caught for robbing her own house many years ago. Roop and her husband were behind the robbery, but she framed her husband to get free of jail. Roop is one of a kind evil woman in Oberoi family, while all others are genuine and non concealing. Priyanka demands a special Rakhsha bandhan gift this year and asks her family to switch their identities and styles to add some fun to the function. The family agrees for Priyanka’s happiness. Everyone switch to each other’s avatars and try to bring originality in their new looks.

The family members perform turn by turn, and it gets awesome to see entertaining scenes. Such ideas of role switching is seen in a daily show after a long time. It proved to be a wonder for those couple of episodes. Later on, Roop lands in Oberoi mansion and gets spotted by Omkara. Roop makes arrangements for defaming Omkara, but she fails in her plan. Shivay gets to know about Omkara being framed in smuggling and shows his extreme belief in his brother. Shivay leaves from home to help out Omkara. Everyone gets annoyed with Shivay for not considering Priyanka’s happiness and family time. Shivay does not tell his brothers anything as he wanted to manage everything on his own.

Shivay’s silence makes Omkara and Rudra misunderstand him. The brothers get their anger out on Shivay, when he returns. This leads to Pinky reacting to defend her son Shivay. The elders get involved in this fight and things get too far to be handled. Even then, Anika manages the situation and requests them to value family. Meanwhile, Omkara gets to know the truth behind Shivay’s leaving from home.

Omkara breaks the truth to everyone that Shivay has saved him once again. The family gets glad to know Shivay went for protecting Omkara from smuggling case. Roop does drama and gets humiliated by the family. Shivay allows Roop to tie rakhi to her brothers Tej and Shakti. Roop is then shown the exit. After all this family drama, the viewers will now get to see romance between Oberoi brothers’ and their heroines. Love is surely in the air. Shivay-Anika, Omkara-Riddhima and Rudra-Soumya are awesome pairs to watch out for.

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