Krystle D’Souza to replace Kratika Sengar in Kasam

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June 25, 2016
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June 26, 2016

Krystle D’Souza to replace Kratika Sengar in Kasam

Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki on Colors started back in March and has been going steadily. The initial episodes showed the child Rishi and Tanu, and could not garner much viewership. But, after Sharad Malhotra and Kratika’s Sengar’s entries as the leads, the show picked up really well. It is one of the ruling shows on Indian telly currently. Kasam was regarded as a low in sense and high in drama show, being from Ekta’s camp.

Rishi and Tanu’s romance has still won the viewers’ heart. The only thing connecting with the audience these days is the leads’ chemistry. If they find the leads rocking and their chemistry sizzling, with a good background number and close up scenes, then the show would definitely do well, leave aside the concept and the track. Ssharad Malhotra is donning Rishi’s role in the show, after his successful stint as Maharana Pratap on Sony TV. Kratika Sengar starred in this show after a long break. Kratika was looking senior to Ssharad onscreen when their lovey dovey scenes were aired, but the necessity to show a Punjabi well-fed girl makes it acceptable. Rishi and Tanu’s meetings, their love and secret romance got the show in limelight.

Kasam was certainly a reincarnation story, and Kratika is part of the show till the love story halts by her character Tanu’s death. There was no news about the actress replacing Kratika as the new Tanu. With the show going towards Rishi and Tanu’s marriage, everyone knows about Tanu’s destiny to soon die after her marriage with Rishi. Tanu knows about Rishi’s Kundli dosh(dangers posed by planetary stars) and still marries him to fulfill the promise of her love. Tanu takes all the dosh on herself and meets with an accident. Tanu dies in the car accident, and shatters Rishi’s happiness, though his life gets saved, which is more important to take the story forward.


Unfortunately, Kratika and Ssharad would be not able to entertain their fans by their love swears more. Rishi would be seen becoming a stone hearted guy with no believe in love. Rishi’s sweet and charming nature will get a complete contrast change. There’s no guesses here. The new girl in his life, his Tanu will be reborn and having a twenty year age gap with Rishi. She will fall in love with him and become his safety lookout again.

The show will be getting a twenty year leap with the new Tanu, that’s Krystle D’Souza romancing with Ssharad. Seems like their pairing would hit harder. Krystle’s onscreen presence is sizzling. Her beauty clubbed with acting prowess will just take the chemistry with her co-star higher. Tanu will be seen in a bubbly and bold girl, unlike before, when Tanu was reserved, under confident and shy. After the leap, reborn Tanu will also have much change in her characterization. Tanu will make Rishi fall in love again and the reincarnation drama with flashbacks of their love will just intensify all the fun in the show.

Currently, Rishi and Tanu are compelled to stay away from each other. Their families are pressurizing them to marry Pavan and Neha. Rishi and Tanu just love each other. Tanu has no courage to take a stand for her love, and Rishi is failing again and again to expose the evil guy Pavan. Nevertheless, Rishi fills Tanu’s hairline by leaving aside the society, family and waiting partners. With their marriage, their separation will crop up. We just hope to see Krystle’s entry soon. There are truly high expectations from Kasam after the lead actress’ switch.


  1. sapna says:

    Kuch naya hota toh better hota…huge age gap and punar janam…not exactly the best storyline…comeone cv’s think something out of the gap…

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