Kiran Kumar and Shubhangi Latkar pair up in Sanyukt

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September 11, 2016
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Kiran Kumar and Shubhangi Latkar pair up in Sanyukt

When it comes to leading entertaining channels, Star Plus, Zee and Colors try to bring family oriented programmes along with romantic love stories. Zee tv has got a new show recently. Sanyukt has replaced Hiba Nawab and Pearl V Puri starrer Meri Sasu Maa. The latter did not sustain TRPs and was shown the shutting angle. All the shows on Zee aim to bring entertainment and target the families as wide audience. While love stories just get the younger audience, the shows depicting joint families are meant to attract audience of all ages. The characters are also written such way that every viewers connects to the show.

Sanyukt brings a story of Mehta family, who stay nuclear in different parts of the same city. They share a bond of love and respect, yet want to remain nuclear to maintain peaceful ties. Govardhan and Ila are the old parents, who have seen many struggles in their lives. They got their children educated and well qualified to shape their futures. They wish to live with entire family in their old age. Seeing their children living separated, the couple gets a sad feeling. Ila understands the notion of staying united and connected by hearts, and totally supports Govardhan in his desire to see all their children under one roof.

All of their children have their own lives, dreams, aspirations, careers and lifestyles. They al are distinct and find best way to stay as per their wishes. They find hard to stay together as that would not be convenient for them. Govardhan wants them to understand that family does not see their convenience, but cares for other members. One’s comforts, luxuries and wishes can be fulfilled even living with other family members. Own wishes can’t stop the brothers from living together. If a son finds his lifestyle getting tangled when he stays with his parents and other family members, and if he decides to move out of the house to have a better living, then he would sound self centered man.

But, Govardhan and Ila have always given them liberty to lead their own lives just the way like, hoping their sons will understand some way that they are meant to become their old parents’ suppout. Govardhan does not put pressure on any of his sons, and just keeps his request in polite way. He gets retired from his diamond market work and wants to live with his extended family. He asks all of his sons to get back home and stay as Sanyukt/joint family. He tells them the old times when every family was joint one, and moving out would mean a bad thing in the society.

With changing times, Govardhan and Ila strive hard to make their children realize the importance of joint family. They try to bring the fact that all family members come together in the hour of need, to share sorrows, celebrate happiness and relive old memories.

Zee TV has brought a wonderful concept which puts forth the essence of joint families. With veteran actors like Kiran Kumar and Shubhangi Latkar, the show is definitely going to win hearts.

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