Kapil Arya’s entry adds action in Baazigar

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August 21, 2016
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Kapil Arya’s entry adds action in Baazigar

Kapil Arya is very much famous for his portrayals in Life Ok’s Shapath and Laut Aao Trisha. He has also acted in Zee Tv’s Doli Armanon Ki and left a remarkable effect. Kapil Arya recently joined the great league of actors in Life OK’s Baazigar. Kapil is playing the role of Siddhant Kumawat, a crime branch officer. He is given the case to investigate the murder of Kailash Trivedi. Siddhant meets Arundhati during his investigation and identifies her as his childhood friend. Siddhant has a soft corner for Arundhati. Siddhant realizes Aarav’s psycho side and his involvement in Kailash’s murder. Siddhant’s entry happens like a filmi hero, where he gives time to the goons, and finishes the fight within the said period. Siddhant’s action packed heroic entry just raises eyebrows. The handsome hunk is a tough competition for Vatsal Seth, who plays the role of Aarav Trivedi in the show. Though Vatsal’s role is not out and out negative, but the character of Aarav is shown much crazy.

The recent track revealed Aarav’s bad childhood and how he has known his father Kailash’s affair with his aunt Parul. Aarav witnesses his mother’s sufferings and cries. He holds Kailash responsible for everything, while Kailash and Parul are hiding Aarav’s mum’s truth from him for his betterment. Aarav gets cheated by Arundhati and Badri Chacha ji. He gets mad when Kailash decides to name all the property to Arundhati. Aarav plans to kill Kailash. While Kailash keeps a puja at home to declare Arundhati as his legal heir, Aarav tricks Kailash. Aarav feeds poison to Kailash and kills him in his madness. He plants a suicide note so that no one doubts it’s a murder. But, police doubts Kailash got murdered. The case eventually lands in Siddhant’s hand, because of his amazing track record. It is revealed that Aarav has fed poison to his mother too, and killed her. Aarav hates weak people and thought of relieving his mother off the pain. Aarav’s characterization was seen in depth in last few episodes. He is a heartless person, who plays games with other’s lives.

Going ahead, Siddhant lands in Trivedi mansion. Siddhant has great intuition skills and doubts on Aarav. Aarav appears innocent at first and tries to frame Arundhati in Kailash’s murder case. Siddhant proves Arundhati innocent. Aarav then risks his own life to get Arundhati arrested. Aarav gets himself inside the fire ring, but Siddhant becomes his savior. Aarav tries hard to convince cops about his non involvement in Kailash’s murder. Siddhant’s doubt makes Aarav play out openly. Siddhant proves to Trivedi family how Aarav has tried to frame Arundhati. While he arrests Aarav, the latter jumps from the terrace to injure himself and blames Siddhant of attempting to kill him. Siddhant gets a warning from the senior and is removed from Kailash’s case.

Aarav threatens to kill Arundhati and blackmails Siddhant. Aarav doubts Arundhati is having an affair with Siddhant. Aarav feels Arundhati is cheating him, just like Kailash cheated Aarav’s mum. Aarav’s dangerous anger is hunting for Arundhati and Siddhant now. Aarav warns Siddhant to take care of his nephew Sahil. Siddhant gets tough time to manage Arundhati and Sahil’s safety. The track is giving a thrilling experience. Baazigar’s action and Kapil Arya’s heroic fights take the viewers down the memory lane of Shapath. Kapil’s entry really added the great twist to the otherwise-falling show.

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