Kanchi’s character Gayu to depict insecurities

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July 31, 2016
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Kanchi’s character Gayu to depict insecurities

Actress Kanchi Singh of Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya fame plays the lead role of Gayatri in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. After Rashmi and Sameer’s death, Akshara and Naitik have raised Gayatri aka Gayu as their own daughter. The couple did not have Naira in their lives that time. But, Gayu filled in Naira’s place perfectly and is often called as Akshara’s shadow. The family believes that Gayu has absorbed all the qualities and inherited good positivity from Akshara. Gayu is also happy to get her mother in Akshara and father in Naitik. Gayu used to get all their time and love alone, before Naira came back. With Akshara finding her daughter in Rishikesh and getting her back home, Gayu felt very overjoyed that Akshara and Naitik got their happiness back. Gayu felt the family got completed now. But little did she know that Naira will not only take Akshara’s love, but also win Kartik’s love.

Gayu feels insecure as Kartik praises and cares for Naira more. Gayu loves Kartik by all her heart and wishes to marry him. When Akshara tries to know Gayu’s feelings, Gayu could not confide as she wants to get sure of Kartik’s feelings first.

Kartik did not express his love directly to Gayu, and she is mistaken that he is hiding his feelings, while Kartik is madly in love with Naira. Gayu helps Kartik in getting Naira’s dance exam form submitted by the wrong way so that Naira can appear in the exam and fulfill Naitik’s dream. When she finds Kartik’s interest in Naira’s dreams, she gets upset for a moment. Though Gayu is not a negative thinker or grey shade character, Gayu reacts naturally. She feels Kartik should have focused on her.

Later, Gayu prepares for her jewelry exhibition which she named after Akshara. She invites Akshara to be part of her exhibition and model for the jewelry line. She requests Akshara to be the show stopper of the event. Akshara agrees to Gayu, but could not attend the event as she gets busy with Naira’s dance event. Gayu feels let down by the sudden series of events getting against her tiny wishful heart. Gayu does not get jealous of Naira, but feels sad for not getting Akshara’s time. Though Akshara loves Gayu equally as Naira, Akshara focuses on Naira’s dance event as it is related to Naitik’s dreams. Akshara helps Naira in her endeavors of winning the dance skills certificate.

Naira loses her confidence at the final moment, and Akshara being a friendly and loving mother gets to her rescue. Akshara’s help at the event makes Naira realize Akshara’s true love for her. Naira unites with her mother after a long time, and ends all the annoyance in her heart. Akshara gets touched by Naira’s emotional hug and is very happy to get her daughter back. On the other hand, Gayu gets upset for Akshara’s absence. Vishwamber and Rajbanna support Gayu in the jewelry exhibition. Meanwhile, Kartik reaches the event and supports Gayu as a friend. Gayu feels glad seeing Kartik and gets mistaken that he loves her. With growing misunderstandings in Gayu’s heart, there are some insecurities as well. Looks like Akshara has to keep checking on children’s emotions.

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