Ishqbaaz witnesses a high raise in TRPs at 10pm slot

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July 10, 2016
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Ishqbaaz witnesses a high raise in TRPs at 10pm slot

Star Plus’ latest show Ishqbaaz has made its place in the TRP charts as well as the viewers’ hearts. Reaching the top by the very first episode is not an easy task. The show is produced by 4 Lions Films, who gave the super hit show Qubool Hai on Zee TV. Ishqbaaz has got good promotion before its air. The frequent promos on the channel raised the interest in knowing the story. The grandeur of the sets, backgrounds and characters were evident. The show has begun with a huge bang after replacing the average runner Tamanna on Star Plus at the 10 pm time slot. Starting on June 27, 2016, it’s just few weeks old and has been very much appreciated by the fans.

The lead star of the show Nakuul Mehta, who earlier starred in Star Plus’ Pyaar Ka Dard Hai on the same time slot, has chosen the right show and right concept for his comeback. Nakuul has turned more stylish in Ishqbaaz and playing the role of Shivay Singh Oberoi. The show marks many supporting actors in lead roles. Kunal JaiSingh of The Buddy Project fame is seen playing Shivaye’s first cousin Omkara Singh Oberoi. Leenesh Mattoo of Suhani Si Ek Ladki is donning the youngest brother Rudra Singh Oberoi’s role respectively. Qubool Hai’s supporting leads Surbhi Chandna and Neha Lakshmi Iyer are the two leads actresses, along with Twinkle Patel of Tu Mera Hero fame.


The story holds more potential than the actors. The concept revolves around three Oberoi brothers Shivay, Omkara and Rudra. They are the heirs of the Oberoi family. Their fathers are not on good terms and fighting to get bigger share of business by using their sons. Shivay promises his grandma that he will always stay united with Omkara and Rudra. Later on, Shivay bumps into a middle class girl Anika and creates a dislike for her just based on her status and class. Class and richness means everything for Shivay, while Omkara and Rudra have nothing to do with family business, money or social power.

Shivay does not believe in love and gets engaged to a rich girl Tia. Omkara and Rudra find her a bad match for Shivay. They try to convince Shivay to change his mind. There are multiple attacks on Shivay on his engagement day, which makes him land in ICU. Rudra’s friend Saumya gives him a consoling shoulder. Rudra falls in love with Saumya’s simplicity. Omkara’s past has a secret, that he stayed in rehab to deal with his life’s trauma. Shivay and Anika hate each other, but their love story is slowly beginning. Shivay’s aunt Roop Oberoi with ulterior motives to ruin Oberoi family has entered their lives. Roop is responsible for all the attacks on Shivay. She acts to save Shivay’s life and earns her place in Oberoi mansion again.

The concept seems practical and apparent. Anyone would relate to this family drama. The brothers bond so well that their scenes turn adorably sweet to watch. There is enough of suspense, drama and fun packed in every episode. The TRPs for this show made the slot work well for the channel. Tamanna was shut for low TRP cause, and this show gave a new life to the late slot. There is competition from Colors’ Kasam and Zee’s Yeh Vaada Raha at this slot, but still Ishqbaaz proved out to be a winner. The initial week episodes have witnessed a sudden increase in the TRPs at that slot.

Ishqbaaz has become an instant hit because of fresh characters, their love lives, interesting dialogues, amazing cinematography, slow motions shots, awesome pairing-chemistry of actors and lastly the filmi feel. Let’s wish this show does not shut like other finite shows on Star.

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