High points across the channel’s scorers

Dev and Sonakshi’s breakup in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi
August 28, 2016
Twists around Gauri’s daughter post leap in Kaala Teeka
August 30, 2016

High points across the channel’s scorers

May I Come In Madam is going consistent with just the comic elements. Sajan has facing a tough time to impress Sanjana. Sanjana tells Sajan about joining yoga classes and doing power yoga. The instructor and Sanjana make Sajan work very hard and he gets cheated again. Sajan does not get any partner in couple yoga, but has to jog along Kashmira every morning. Kashmira’s Dadi also beats up Sajan. Sajan then mocks a fake hand fracture to get rid of this yoga madness. Sajan planned to get close to Sanjana by couple yoga, but could not succeed.

Kawach is going towards the final phase now. Saudamini laid a trap to get Rajveer killed. She has made sure that this time Rajveer does not survives. Paridhi will be donning Devi’s avatar to save her husband from the evil powers. Paridhi will be stopping Kaal’s tandav and protect Rajbeer’s life.

Thapki Pyaar Ki turned bit boring, but did not let drama quotient fall low. Bihaan and Thapki part ways after Bihaan’s bitter past truth comes out. Bihaan’s dad was killed by Vasundara. Bihaan insults Vasundara and shows her the exit door to make her leave from the house. Thapki could not bear Vasundara’s insult and is ready to stand against Bihaan for the sake of her family. Bihaan does not know his real mother Kosi’s true intentions that she wants to get his kidney transplanted to Naman’s son Janardhan. Janardhan is getting short of life after both his kidneys failed. Knowing Bihaan has just one kidney, Kosi wants to snatch that too. She wants to save Janardhan’s life at the cost of Bihaan’s life. Thapki is trying hard to find out Kosi’s real motives, but could not get any result yet.

Naagarjun recently shifted to Mahabharat track with new entries. Arjun is asked to look into his past. Finally, the time has come when Arjun knows the truth. Arjun has been having questions regarding his Naagarjun identity since long time. He can understand that after exploring the hidden chapters in Mahabharat. Mahabharat’s truth will be shown to explain Arjun’s past and his rank.

Ek Rishta Sajhedaari Ka has got Rajshri love birds with musical moments. Aryan and Sanchi find excuses to talk. They work hard to get a glimpse of each other. They find ways to meet and often get away because of families. Aryan and Sanchi are very restless to spend time together. The show will bring the love marriage twist in arrange marriage concept.

Kumkum Bhagya caught up with Abhi and Pragya’s romance again. Abhi got to know of Aaliya and Tanu wishing to kill Pragya and plotting the murder. Abhi then staged his memory loss so that he can secure Pragya from their enemies, till he finds some sure shot solution to get rid of them. Abhi and Pragya are looking more sweet than before, and filling track with wonderful romance.

Diya Aur Baati Hum has got a terror strike track, wherein Sandhya and Sooraj will be dying while saving the civilians. Bhabho has dreamt of their death and got goose bumps. Bhabho advises Sandhya to workout terrorists’ plan so that everyone’s lives can get spared. Bhabho can’t live without Sandhya and Sooraj at any cost and asks Sandhya to neglect her duty. Even though, Sandhya will be doing her duty towards her country, and Sooraj will be doing his duty towards his wife. The lovely Diya-baati couple would be dying in the show before its end.

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