Dev and Sonakshi’s breakup in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

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Dev and Sonakshi’s breakup in Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi

It is a romantic love story with a heart rendering compromises and sacrifices. Shaheer Sheikh plays the role of Dev Dixit, a business tycoon and Erica Fernandez plays Dr. Sonakshi Bose, a nutritionist. The show depicts the mother’s expectations, love and attention from her son. The show presents a portrayal of mother-son strong bond where son always gives priorities to mother’s happiness and health leaving behind his own wishes and desires. The show has a main protagonist, Ishwari who raised all the children with much difficulties and hard work after the early demise of her husband. She is very much attached to her son Dev. She gets tensed when she thinks to get Dev married. Ishwari believes that if Dev marries, his love will be divided between the mother and wife, which she can’t be able to accept full hearted. Dev appoints Sonakshi as a nutritionist to take care of his mother’s diet and later they became friends and shares a good bond and realize their love for each other.

Currently, the separation track is going on with Dev and Sonakshi parted their ways as Dev’s mother Ishwari is not going to accept Sonakshi. Dev and Sonakshi try to convince Ishwari to understand them and accept their love relation, but Ishwari is confused and refuses with the belief that Dev has to divide his love between his mother and a wife.

Soon, Ishwari goes into depression and starts taking overdose of sleeping pills. Ishwari health gets deteriorated and Dev understands that Ishwari is against his love relation with Sonakshi. Being an obedient son, Dev breaks all his relations with Sonakshi and asks her to forget all their past memories and move on. Sonakshi confronts him for taking the decision alone and thinks she loved a wrong person. Meanwhile, Ishwari is happy that Dev and Sonakshi are separated, but thinks Sonakshi will be a hurdle in future. She plans to get Sonakshi married first so that Dev will forget all her memories. Ishwari calls Pandit ji to go to Sonakshi’s house with the bio data of rich and educated groom for Sonakshi.

There is new entry in Sonakshi’s life. Dr. Ritvik is chosen for Sonakshi. Pandit ji brings both the families together and they are happy with the alliance. Sonakshi’s father Bejoy asks Sonakshi to move on in her life with Ritvik as he is a well educated and good mannered person. On the other hand, Sonakshi reveals her past to Ritvik and says she was in love with someone and still unable to forget him. Dev is heartbroken and completely shattered with the sudden exit of lady love Sonakshi from his life. He is unable to concentrate at work. He always remembers Sonakshi’s memories and then thinks of Ishwari’s health condition. Dev gets to know that Sonakshi is going to get engaged to Ritvik and feels sad.

In the upcoming track, Dev will plan a dinner date for Sonakshi and Ritvik. Sonakshi thinks Ritvik has done all the arrangements, but when she gets to know that Dev has arranged the date, Sonakshi shouts and angrily asks Dev to leave them alone. Dev gets hurt with Sonakshi’s harsh words and gets drunk. Tina will inform Sonakshi about Dev’s inebriated state. Sonakshi will come to meet Dev and ask him to marry her as she still loves him and can’t see him in such a state. But Dev will not agree to marry her for the happiness of his mother which shocks Sonakshi.

The show has gained mixed reviews and responses as it focuses on mother’s over expectations and returns from his son. The show lacks depicting mother’s happiness lies in son’s happiness and wishes.Supriya Pilgaonkar has done marvelous role of hard working and devoted mother. Shaheer Sheikh is definitely the attraction of the show, with emotional dialogue delivery and sincere performance.

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