Colors offering revised tracks frequently

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September 3, 2016
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September 5, 2016

Colors offering revised tracks frequently

Everyone has seen Kasam getting the similar love track like Rishi and Tanu’s story. But, the concept was written such that Rishi and Tanuja’s moments are striking and create the same déjà vu like the old Tanu. The viewers expected to see the rebirth drama with some fresh appeal, which lacked by Tanuja’s homely character. After the leap of 20 years, Tanuja’s character of a young and vibrant girl could have been given a bold, modern and smart girl avatar. She is still looking similar to small town girl Tanu of Rishi’s past. On the contrary, Rishi looks much arrogant and got more style into him. The leap got changes in Rishi, than the new girl. Tanuja should have been more witty and trendy, so that her character strikes Rishi’s heart and also the viewers. With same plain looks and silence prevailing from her side, the show lacks the notion of creating something new by the rebirth twist.

Similarly, Udaan is stretching too far on the wrong marriages track. Imli and Vivaan are trying to keep up their marriage by maintaining decency, and Imli fell in love with Vivaan lately to add up more complexities. Chakor is shown struggling with Suraj, the man fallen in guilt and repentance. Kamal Narayan who was assumed to be dead is making a comeback in the village. This again makes the track known and does not derive anything creative. Chakor and Bhaiya ji’s constant Tom and Jerry fights are seen since the start of the show. The show took the leap with grown up characters, but the story is still the same. Romance, love and togetherness are put to side, when the two legendary characters Chakor and Kamal Narayan come in action.

Swaragini is pulling up the family drama by using every character possible. While the viewers were expecting to see the lovely couples’ romance and good moments, the story brought dramatic shocks by sidelined characters. Parineeta and Adarsh got in limelight, and have put the leads in trouble. The viewers will now see the rich couples striving hard to survive in poor chawl background. The concept of rising from the dust is good, but romantic tracks are more wanted.

Thapki Pyaar Ki tries to be different and comes up with mix of family drama and evil crimes planning. Thapki and Bihaan are loved for their innocence, but the couple has got separated by the new entries in the show. Thapki is often seen as the lady spy, who is bold and determined. After Dhruv’s exit, viewers badly wanted Thapki and Bihaan’s romance, but that could not happen.

Sasural Simar Ka also took a leap which was very much needed to move on from Simar and Prem’s horrific tales. Simar still holds much role after the leap, where she is having tough time to manage her spoilt daughter Anjali. The show has lost the appeal and had a low in TRPs as well. The shows racing in TRPs are just getting new angles and twists to entertain viewers, but neglecting what the viewers miss out.

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