Ankit Bathla’s fans to rejoice with track shifting to Dhruv-Thapki

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Ankit Bathla’s fans to rejoice with track shifting to Dhruv-Thapki

The audience loves Thapki a lot and eagerly waiting to see Thapki and Bihaan’s marriage and their happy moments. But the character of Dhruv Pandey turned completely negative. Dhruv gets heart broken when he comes to know the truth that his mother Vasundhara was behind Thapki and Bihaan’s marriage. Dhruv confronts his mother and breaks all his ties with her. On the other hand, Shraddha cheats Dhruv of fake pregnancy which makes him more detached from the family. Dhruv gets to know that Thapki knows Vasundhara’s truth from much before and feels everyone betrayed him and no one cares for him.

Dhruv married to Shraddha, still loves Thapki. With the truth’s revelation, Dhruv wants his love back in his life and tries hard to separate Bihaan and Thapki. Dhruv blackmails Thapki to leave Bihaan and come to him. Dhruv fills Bihaan’s ears against Thapki that she still loves him and cares for him.

Thapki gets shattered when she realizes Dhruv’s real intentions. Thapki requests Dhruv to forget past and move on in life with Shraddha. Thapki always respected him as a guide and mentor. Thapki clearly expresses her feelings to him that she has moved on in life. She loves Bihaan and wants to stay with him. Dhruv neglects her wish and tries to force her to accept him. Thapki challenges Dhruv that Bihaan and her love is most affectionate, loyal and has strong trust. Dhruv can’t succeed in his bad and evil deeds.

When the entire family members get to know that Vasundara made Bihaan sit in the mandap, Balwinder gets very angry and proposes to perform Thapki and Bihaan’s marriage again as the previous marriage was performed by deceive. Marriage preparations are going on in full swing, while Dhruv is reluctant to stop marriage, or swap the groom.

Shraddha got to know that Dhruv’s behavior changes and she is helping Thapki to safeguard her marriage. Dhruv is busy playing dirty tricks against Thapki and Bihaan, even go to an extent of risking his brother’s life. Dhruv brainwashes Bihaan that he is Thapki’s best friend and Thapki will always give priority to friendship over love. He advises Bihaan to become Thapki’s best friend first so that she can trust and share things with him. Dhruv tries to manipulate Bihaan’s mind against Thapki, so that Bihaan gets against Thapki and leave her forever.

Dhruv has played many bad tricks to make Thapki falls in Bihaan’s eyes. Finally, he succeeds in making Bihaan against Thapki. Bihaan thinks Thapki does not love him and she is ready for marriage just to keep family happy and united. Thapki notices Bihaan worried and asks him to be happy, their marriage is going to happen. Bihaan thinks they are not getting married as there is no love or trust in their relation and asks Thapki to tell truth to the family members. He gives two days time to Thapki to inform the family members about her and Dhruv. Thapki is not trying to explain Bihaan about Dhruv’s plans against them. As of now, Ankit Bathla, who plays the lead character of Dhruv, is very much in news. Ankit’s fans are really happy to see track shifting to him after a long time. Even when Dhruv turned negative, Ankit’s stint is appreciated.

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