Abhi gets flashes of togetherness with Pragya

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September 9, 2016
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Abhi gets flashes of togetherness with Pragya

Kumkum Bhagya is leading in TRP race with its good concept and actors’ superb performances. Many shows have come and gone within a short time, but Kumkum Bhagya is entertaining the audience for the last two years and sustains to occupy top rank. Aliya and Tanu are very happy that Pragya is out of Abhi’s life. Pragya gets a job in a music company as a receptionist. Pragya recollects Abhi’s and her old romantic moments seeing Abhi’s poster in front of her desk and feels sad. On the other hand, Aliya has taken the advantage of Abhi’s memory loss and starts taking care of Abhi’s music assignments and financial accounts. Abhi is following Aliya’s instructions blindly. Manager Saira informs Pragya that Abhi, the Rockstar is coming to the studio to record the song and asks her to welcome him.

The sweet moments have started between Abhi and Pragya at the studio. Pragya introduces herself as Nikita and Abhi feels attracted to Pragya and thinks a Rockstar can’t get attached to a middle class girl. Abhi and Pragya get closer at the studio that brings much joy to Pragya. Abhi gets impressed with Pragya’s handmade coffee and Pragya even repairs Abhi’s guitar string. Abhi likes Pragya’s helping gesture and says she is the best fan he has ever met.

Tanu after her miscarriage wants to come back in Abhi’s life to enjoy luxuries. Tanu meets Aliya and asks to help her to get back to Abhi. Aliya agrees and plans to do something to make them closer. Beeji, Daadi, Purab wants to bring Pragya and Abhi together, but feels helpless seeing Abhi’s condition.

Pragya’s leg gets fractured at the studio and Abhi drops her at home which shocks Pragya’s family. Aliya calls Abhi and asks him to come to pub. Tanu eagerly waits at the pub to meet Abhi. Abhi was unable to go which irks Aliya and Tanu. Aliya confronts him and Abhi says he had dinner at his fan’s house. Aliya gets a doubt that fan can be Pragya. Aliya thinks to know the truth and goes to Pragya’s house. Aliya warns them to keep Pragya away from Abhi, else Pragya’s life will be in danger.
Aliya sees Abhi and Pragya together and gets angry. Aliya calls Pragya and asks her to meet her. Aliya warns Pragya to leave from Abhi’s life. Aliya brings Abhi to the photoshoot and makes him meet Tanu. Aliya introduces Tanu as her friend and a super model. Abhi continuously stares at Tanu’s beauty, but does not recognize Pragya standing beside him. Pragya is shocked seeing Abhi under the influence of Aliya and Tanu’s plan and thinks to do something.

Aliya plays a trick to bring misunderstandings between Abhi and Pragya and keeps Abhi’s marriage photo on the bed. Abhi sees the photo and gets unconscious. Doctor asks Abhi to take to rest for few days. Aliya thinks to fool Pragya with Abhi’s absence at the recording studio with her fake story of Abhi is with Tanu on a holiday trip. Meanwhile, Pragya is waiting for Abhi and Purab calls her and informs about Abhi’s condition. Abhi asks Dadi to say truth about his marriage. Dadi misguides him and asks him not to think much as he is not married. Abhi gets the flashes of his marriage with Pragya, but unable to see Pragya’s face. Abhi thinks to know about his marital status with his super fan Pragya.

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